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Tim Hunter, Director of Learning and Events, BAFTA

BAFTA has worked with Cinemagic for at least the past five years. BAFTA relies on our festival partners to reach audiences – particularly non-industry audiences and those around the UK. Cinemagic are undoubtedly one of our most reliable partners in terms of attracting a family or school groups. They know their audience well and have a great contacts list, so our events with them are always full and buzzy.
The Cinemagic team deliver a vast range of programming with a small team, efficiently and imaginatively and we very much hope they will continue to be able to deliver their programme to this important but under-served community.

Jan Carson, Ulster Hall

The Ulster Hall has been partnering with Cinemagic for the last three years, hosting screenings, workshops and masterclasses on our premises. This partnership has provided an invaluable opportunity for young people to experience their first visit to this iconic, arts venue and has undoubtedly helped to establish the Ulster Hall as an alternative and increasingly popular home for cinema in Belfast

Joel Simon, Flickerpix

The work which Cinemagic carries out has a very real and very measurable impact on the lives of Northern Ireland’s youngest generation. Children and young adults are able to interact and learn directly from industry professionals who are passionate about their work and are only too happy to share their knowledge and encourage young people. We all stand to benefit from Cinemagic’s unique work across Northern Ireland, and I have had the chance to witness how primary school children in remote areas of the province were able to gain valuable knowledge, confidence and skills which they did not know they possessed.
If we are keen to develop Northern Ireland as one of the key European centres for cinematic and televisual excellence, we should continue to support Cinemagic in their extremely well-conceived and informed endeavours.

Jim Parkyn, Animator, Aardman Animations

The work that Cinemagic does not only offers a unique opportunity for children to engage with professional people working in the film industry but gives us the chance to meet our audience and nurture an interest in animation and the arts. Personally I gain a lot from my relationship with Cinemagic. Talking to children and making things with them re-enthuses me with the excitement that drew me to work in the industry in the first place and is a chance to share my passion.

Roy Stafford, Writer and Lecturer

Cinemagic does a terrific job in introducing young people to the diversity of global film culture and encouraging them to participate fully in making and interpreting films. Working with the team this year was very enjoyable and I was impressed by their energy and enthusiasm as well as their knowledge about film and commitment to film education.

Nuria Blanco, Production Manager at Cartoon Saloon

Cinemagic is a fantastic festival. It serves as an inspiration and guidance for our young filmmakers as well as providing high quality training and real case studies on a vast variety of fields. These workshops and talks are delivered by industry professionals from all around the world and their content is invaluable, especially for anyone interested in developing a career in the film industry.  Cinemagic also screens a great range of films from different time periods and countries, what it's an incredible enjoyable learning experience - not only for our young audience, but also for their families.  Bringing these opportunities to young people greatly helps to build a new generation of remarkable film industry professionals.  I have participate with Cinemagic in three occasions and I would be very happy to continue collaborating with them.

Órfhlaith Ní Chearnaigh, Producer/Production Manager/Language Advisor

We had a fantastic event with the students at Ballyclare Secondary last Friday, and all concerned enjoyed it immensely, according to my feedback! I'd like to thank you again for all your help in arranging this event and to thank your colleagues, who were most helpful on the day. It was a pleasure to be associated with Cinemagic, and to work with such a professional and dedicated team.

Nigel McDowell, Author, Workshop Folklore & Fairy tales

In October 2014, I had the pleasure (and privilege) of being involved with the Cinemagic under 12’s Festival in Belfast.  I travelled to a School in North Belfast and led a group of around eighty pupils in a talk about my novels and in a creative writing workshop – we told stories, shared tales of Irish folklore, discussed the nature of mythology (and Disney’s Frozen) and each child produced a piece of written work (some with some very wonderful illustrations!) that they then were able to share with their peers.
It was wonderful to see the how involved the children became in their writing – reading their work aloud, working in groups, applauding and encouraging one another.  The sheer joy taken in the act of creating; in the business of story-telling and story-sharing.  And this is what Cinemagic can bring to children – the opportunity to invent; the license to play, permission to imagine; to be bold and inventive, and hopefully to begin a life-long love of creativity and the arts.
The work that Cinemagic does (and has been doing for 25 years) – filmmaking competitions, professional workshops, screenings in which children be the critics and, this year, the production of their very own film – is outstanding, and those who volunteer their time (paid and unpaid) a testament to the enthusiasm for the arts in N Ireland.  The event I took part in was run with utter professionalism and passion, and it was a pleasure to be involved – I hope they will do me the honour again, and that the Cinemagic Festival will continue for many long years yet.

Caroline Teague, Parent

Matthew thoroughly enjoyed his film critic weekend, Cinemagic really treat the children well and for safety with them all being in red t-shirts is fab idea... I would highly recommend Cinemagic for their work, in this time of technology I love the interaction for the children I think Cinemagic work is vital and will definitely be returning with the boys.

Lisa McLean, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

Cinemagic are providing a unique and rare opportunity for students to experience the different facets of the film and television industry. This is a sector which is fast becoming relevant in Northern Ireland and it is essential that young students should be encouraged to experience careers in this area, to ensure the future development, stability and longevity of this industry.

Mary Baillie, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

My daughter Eimear was a Cinemagic juror this year and she had a fabulous time. The program was very inspiring to children of all ages- the staff and organization was second to none - I have had nothing but praise for the whole experience and the cinemagic team - we are looking forward to next year.

Moia Gault, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

This is our second year at Cinemagic, it has been a great experience. It is educational and improves imagination and creativity. It is great to hear the opinions of the jurors as they get to watch films not normally shown in local cinemas. They learn about different cultures, places, how and why films are rated. Cinemagic staff have been friendly and helpful, it is an enjoyable experience.

Siobhan McGarry, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

Our experience of Cinemagic has been amazing. From start to finish it has been a privilege to work with some of the most talented people in the business. Equally, it’s been a privilege to work with some of the most talented up and coming young directors, camera people, editors, make- up artists and film crew who, in turn, have all been given the most wonderful opportunities through Cinemagic

Christine Galway, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

My daughter, Erin Galway Kendrick has just finished filming Cinemagic’s, A Christmas Star. Erin spent three weeks working on the film and she enjoyed every second of it. Indeed, Erin has memories that will last a lifetime!Erin developed many valuable skills and learned important life lessons during her time with the Cinemagic crew.

Ellen Johnston, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

My daughter Lucy Johnston participated in Cinefocus (10- 12 yrs) this year for the first time.
She came back on first evening pointing out that she watched for the first time a “film with subtitles” and that she had enjoyed it and that each film after that was a new experience for her. She took great joy in discussing and deliberating on which movie she would rank first. Lucy really enjoyed her experience and she can’t wait to get involved again next year in Cinefocus and any other events associated to Cinemagic

Geraldine Bradley, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

My son Dáibhí Scott thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sit on the Cinefocus Jury.
Dáibhí gained great insight into films made in other countries many of which were unusual and interesting. As a keen young film maker he looks forward to any future opportunities for participation in Cinefocus or Cinemagic events.

Bernadette McCarthy, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

This festival enables children to participate is what sometimes seems as an inaccessible industry. CineSeekers provided opportunities to review films from around the world, films in particular that they perhaps would not normally select to view, speak in public, listen to others views, and mix with a peer group outside their normal classroom environment. An ideal opportunity to meet professionals and discuss and ask questions ...A memorable experience ...just the other day I heard my two children talking about why my youngest child preferred Pinocchio to Fiddlesticks - unprompted by me! My daughter loved meeting Lucy Morton from the Legend of Longwood.

Maggie Harkin, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

The whole CineFocus experience was very rewarding. It brought together children throughout Northern Ireland from different ethnic backgrounds and of different religious persuasions without the children being aware. The films shown gave the children time to think, reflect, question and be more aware and open minded of what was on the screen and going on in day to day living.
Niamh thoroughly enjoyed the radio presentation workshop and being a film critique. She would never have been given such an opportunity. Cinemagic is accessible to everyone. You and your team are all so inspiring and great role models to our children. A big, big thank you to you and your team.

Leigh Braiden, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

My daughter Emily has been involved with Cinemagic for a few years now and continues to be excited at the programmes offered each year. Through her involvement she has had the opportunity to attend masterclasses, create short films, interact with industry professionals and attend awards ceremonies. As a member of the Cinefocus team she has had the opportunity to watch and review foreign and different genre films that she would never have otherwise watched. I believe being involved with Cinemagic has not only helped develop Emily's confidence and creativity, it has supported her academic learning, opened her mind to new experiences, inspired her that a future career in the film industry is possible and she has made new friends. The Cinemagic staff are always friendly and helpful and make the experiences fun for the young people.

Louise Purdy, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"Just to say that my son Thomas has been involved with Cinefocus for the past two years. For a child who is interested in media as a career it gives a great insight into the world of cinema etc. Through Cinemagic he has made new friends and being able to report back on the films has helped increase his confidence. Even though his friends were on holiday and couldn't attend he wanted to go on his own which shows his enthusiasm. As a parent I find Cinemagic very organised in its activities and I feel very comfortable when Thomas is attending any of their activities. My older son has also taken part in some of Cinemagic’s Masterclasses which he thought were great and pricewise accessible to all."

Nico Fell, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"The Cinemagic Under 12 Programme has been a fantastic inspiration to my kids, who have discovered a passion for children's films beyond those normally seen in mainstream cinema. The staff at Cinemagic are superb, engaging with all of the kids and working to bring out the themes and story arcs for discussion in the post-screening reviews!"

Caroline O’Kane, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"Just to say thanks for a great weekend. My kids loved every minute and woke up delighted this morning when they remembered that their favourite film had won! They’re looking forward to next year already!"

Shirley McMillan, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"Thanks so much for an amazing CineSeekers Weekend. My daughter had a brilliant time. I was really impressed by how lovely the organisers/staff were. If felt like a really safe and welcoming atmosphere, and she got to see some great films and meet some really interesting people."

Martina Loy, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"CineSeekers is great for kids because it is fun! They get to see possibilities outside the normal education system which they would not normally experience."

Nicola Barrington Wilson, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"Both of my children absolutely loved the opportunities Cinemagic gave them to voice their opinions on the different movies they watched with the under 12 groups!! They especially loved meeting all the different directors, actors & presenters which they would never have been given that opportunity if it wasn't for yourselves running this fantastic scheme!! They both found it to be very inspiration & my son Pierce in particular would love to work in this industry so he got a lot out of it!!"

Ruth Young, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"I cannot praise Cinemagic highly enough. My daughter attended the Cineseekers programme and she thoroughly enjoyed it all. She made new friends from a variety of backgrounds all sharing a love of cinema. Being given the chance to view films from other countries in a different language has certainly broadened her horizons and given her an insight into different cultures. Thanks again"

Jennifer Johnston, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"My daughter Jessica had the most wonderful experience at Cineseekers, run by Cinemagic. She was encouraged to think critically, mix with other children and hear about how film is created, giving her a wonderful and exciting insight into one of our growing industries here in Northern Ireland.  I think Cineseekers is one of the most valuable experiences my daughter has been involved in and the staff are utterly committed to the valuable work they do."

Liz Fairclough, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"Speaking on behalf of Molly Fairclough and Olivia McConnell, they both really enjoyed their day as jurors for Cinemagic, particularly the opportunity to watch films from other cultures and the chance to hear from a real-life film critic.  A birthday treat to remember! Thanks"

Gwyneth Evans, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"My daughter participated in a number of film events this year. It was an opportunity for her to see watching a film in a totally different way- to think critically and to communicate her thoughts. This has benefits for her school work (creative and analytical skills), her communication skills and her confidence. I found every event was fun in a child-focussed way and empowered the children to feel their ideas worthy of being heard."

David Martin, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesWorkshopsYoung Consultants

"My daughter Alice (age 11) was involved with the Young Consultants during the summer to help select the films for the festival. She was then part of the jury which chose the winning films. On both occasions Alice developed a better appreciation of the multiple people and skills involved in film making. I believe this has enriched Alice's enjoyment of any film she now watches. In addition she made new friends and enjoyed mixing with children her own age who have similar interests."

Jackie Trainor, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"My ten year old daughter Sasha thoroughly enjoyed the experience of critiquing a wide variety of movies. It was a great initiative which really provoked young children’s minds and made them think more deeply about story lines and content. My daughter loved marking the movies and getting to meet directors and actors – what an amazing opportunity. Ps The clipboards and lanyards along with the club T-shirt really made her feel part of something official and serious… Thanks"

Chris Matthews, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"Many thanks again to everyone for the Cineseekers last weekend. Anna thoroughly enjoyed herself and I think it has certainly added to her enthusiasm for her future career(s)!! Getting the opportunity to speak to the Director of Fiddlesticks was a particular highlight for her."

Hugh Widdis, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"Cinemagic is a brilliant affair. We live an hour from Belfast city centre and even so the creative and varied programme attracted Rose (10) to participate once again. In particular, the clever and child-centred design of the CineSeekers Jury events were very successful. The children's critical faculties were challenged; Rose came away with developing skills in reading film, and an excitement and love of the genre that ordinary cinema-going does not inspire.
She also participated in the search for cast for A Christmas Star, which developed her dramatic skills and personal confidence."

Stephanie Hughes, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"We moved from Scotland to NI a couple of years ago and were delighted to discover the work of Cinemagic. As a family we have a great interest in film but the Cinemagic events designed for children have given us so much more than we could gain from simply watching films.  My son took part in the jury and this was probably his best weekend of the year. My son is very shy but it gave him a huge confidence boost to be around other youngsters who were so passionate and vocal about their interest in film and whilst he did not speak up much at the Cinemagic sessions he was inspired to speak in front of his class about his experience. Something he would often struggle to do!
We have continued to use the format at home to review and discuss films that we see and it has opened my children's eyes to thinking about how films are made, storyboards and special effects and the music used when watching both films and TV.   We've also been to an animation workshop and seen the iron giant, which both my 6 and 3 year old absolutely loved. To have access to such hands on workshops, expertise and tailored events for children of this young age is quite incredible, many cinemas and film clubs would not cater for them so young.  I really appreciated that foreign films formed a part of the jury sessions and to have real film makers and animators and actors at the events very much enhanced the learning.
All events and communication have been so well organised.  Thanks again to you all. Our family are looking forward to many years of cinematic adventure and learning with you."

Deborah Slane, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersWorkshops

"Mark has benefitted immensely through all cinemagic projects. I can only speak for Mark when I say the confidence and maturity he has shown from being involved in this programme is amazing.Like most teenagers, Mark initially thought that he wanted to just be in front of the camera, but from the skills he has learned and the patience shown to him he would now be as happy working behind the camera, he just loves the whole environment and can talk very confidently about productions and filming."

Brenda McLaughlin, Parent

FilmsMini MasterclassesCineSeekersPartnersWorkshops

"My daughter Holly and I love going to the Cineseekers weekend held in the Odeon every October.  As we both love films, it is a wonderful opportunity for my daughter to see films from around the world. Holly gets a chance to befriend other children, critique the films and they are all listened to by the staff of Cinemagic. The opportunities that Cinemagic offer to young children are wonderful experiences for the children and families involved...priceless memories that’s for sure."

Jackie McCarthy, DramaWorks NI

Education Programme under 12’s

"Our outreach activities play an integral part of our curriculum at Dramaworks. For the past two years we have taken classes to workshops, screenings and shows run by Cinemagic. These activities enable the children to see the arts 'in action' essentially and put many of our teachings into context. This is often the first experience of the arts for pupils as young as 3 years old and they all immensely enjoy it. Cinemagic really know children and the content of the workshops and split of age groups is something you don't get with other outreach programmes.
The interaction, the engagement and the content of the workshops by Cinemagic facilitators is wonderful and the children continually talk about it in class, share what they learnt and request to go again next year!"

Bernard Ferrin, Community Development, Olympia Community Centre

“On Behalf of our After Schools group (4-10 year olds) I would like to thank Cinemagic for their generosity in providing complementary tickets for the Premiere showing of the Boxtrolls in September of this year.
The tickets created a buzz and excitement within our the group and offered all involved their first chance to attend a Film Premiere for the first time, which is a wonderful and rare treat for anyone at this age.
The film itself was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and provided them with excellent talking topic on their return to school for their new term.”

Andrea Rivera, Barnardos

“Our clients were delighted with both Cinemagic events. They are not used to going to this kind of event very frequently. They really enjoyed the movies and the festival as well. As they are from other countries (African countries most of them), going to the festival helps in their integration into the local society through art. Thanks a lot!”

Anne Meadows, Family Support Team Leader, Spectrum Centre

“The children shared with us that this was a delightful film which they really enjoyed. The Cinemagic Festival gave the children and their families an opportunity to come together and experience the magic of cinema, many of the children would have limited experience of going to see a film in the cinema so this was a lovely opportunity for them. Thank you Cinemagic!”

Rosemary Green, St Rose’s College, Belfast

Post PrimaryQ and A

“I just want to register my dismay at the cuts for the cinemagic trips. I have recently just taken the music GCSE students to the Odyssey as part of David Arnold’s visit for question and answer session. The students really enjoyed this experience in meeting such a well-known composer –as did I.”

Phillipa Peden, Parkgate Primary School, Ballyclare

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“Parkgate Primary pupils and staff always look forward to the Cinemagic Festival. Every year you continue to provide films and related activities that are child centred, dynamic, exciting and therefore thoroughly memorable experiences for all. Cinemagic enhances the curriculum and is presented by enthusiastic and knowledgeable ambassadors.
Keep up the good work and innovations!”

Brian Owens, Lisnagarvey High School Lisburn

Post Primary

“Can I thank Film Club for all their on-going help? Over the last 3 years Film Club has been popular every Wednesday afternoon. More importantly, film club has been instrumental in igniting pupil’s interest in film making to such an extent that a large proportion of students opting to study M.I.A. here at Lisnagarvey are past members. You must never underestimate the importance of your work and how it can eventually lead many young people into future employment in the N.I. film industry.”

A. Duggan, Cranmore Primary School, Belfast


“Into Film Club has had a number of benefits for the children in our school; it has provided an opportunity for children from less well-off backgrounds to have a cinema style experience, watching films that they have chosen. It has also been a great opportunity for children to get together with their school friends in a more relaxed atmosphere, many of these children rarely have the chance to meet outside of school. Film club has also had a positive impact on literacy skills within the school as it provides an excellent opportunity to discuss each film with children offering their own views and opinions in the knowledge that those opinions are valued and that there are no wrong answers. It has also provoked some excellent debates, especially when opinions differ.   
  The loss of Into Film Club would be felt greatly by the children of our school, it is always the first club that fills up. It would deny them a great experience, both academic and social and would undoubtedly have a negative effect on literacy skills.
Into Film Club provides lasting memories for children and helps to develop skills that can be used throughout their lives. Cinemagic should be commended for the wealth of opportunities they provide for children through the medium of film.”

Tracey Rossborough, Ashfield Girls School, Belfast

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“Ashfield Girls’ has been involved with Into Film club for 4 years now-and it has been so successful that we have had to introduce a junior and senior club.  It has helped to improve pupils’ literacy skills, behavioural attitudes, and their ability to interact with others. It has also enabled them to take on other people’s opinions and attitudes, and also allowed them to watch films from different cultures-experiences which they may never have had if not for Into Film club.”

Michele McAlonan, Cliftonville Primary School, Belfast


“Cliftonville Integrated PS has been running Film Club for 3 years now and a lot of the children benefit from this initiative, not just those who attend the after schools Film Club. Many of the children in our school would be unable to attend cinemas in the local area as this would be a strain financially. Having the club gives the children the opportunity to enjoy movies and the discussions associated with the screenings also encourage the children's talking and listening and social interaction with peers from other classes and year groups. Children develop their confidence when sharing their ideas and opinions and this has a positive impact in the classroom. We have also had the opportunity to visit screenings in the area for free. The resources available are also beneficial to develop a range of key skills throughout the curriculum.
We would be unable to fund a film club in the school. Children would have very limited access to film and screen. The opportunity to discuss film with our peers would be limited as well as the confidence the children develop whilst involved in film club. Film club has a relaxed non-threatening atmosphere that some children need to become involved in discussion.

Cinemagic have always provided support to me as co-ordinator. This is the first time film club has been implemented in the school so this support is invaluable. The resources available are a high standard and I am always kept up to date with current events and learning opportunities. This is valuable for the compulsory aspect of media in the classroom.”

Kritina Kerr, Cavehill Primary School Belfast


“Since starting an Into Film Club in our school our pupils have benefitted in so many ways. We have roughly had a hundred members who have shared the experience of learning about film and film making and learned how this media helps interpret and evaluate the world around them and their shared experiences.
This has helped them to develop a deeper sense of belonging to our school and through discussion of themes, a widening understanding of the mutual experiences of children in society.
When they travel to the amazing events held by Cinemagic they meet children from other schools and backgrounds which simply would not be possible without the highly skilled coordination of the festival team.
Our children have benefitted from meeting people from the film making industry and seeing for themselves, the opportunities available in Northern Ireland that would otherwise appear to be out of reach and beyond their horizon. It has brought those remote career opportunities now available in our province, to a generation who can begin to take steps to gain the skills and knowledge to be part of this economic investment for our future.
Children with a wide range of academic, physical and socio economic and religious backgrounds have shared the joy of movies and help build common educational experiences that are becoming a genuine rarity in the austerity hit education system.”

C McBride, Little Flower Primary School Belfast


“Into Film Club has been invaluable to the pupils of our school. We started Into Film Club a few years ago and have built up a core group of students who look forward to it every week. They get the opportunity to watch films together and analyse and discuss them. They explore cinema with a deeper understanding than they would simply going to the cinema to see it with friends, as we can discuss the forms of the film through film language.
  If Into Film club was no longer available in schools, our young people would have less opportunity to explore the growing medium of film. Is this not the growing economy of Northern Ireland? With more and more of the production industry across the water wanting to film here Into film gives our young people a chance to develop skills they never knew they had. Therefore it would be a huge loss our school.
Into Film Club brings a little bit of Hollywood to schools across Northern Ireland. It makes our young people believe anything is possible.”

Gerard Larkin, Gaelscoil na Mona, Belfast


“Into Film Club has provided a number of invaluable chances to the children of our school.  They have developed every aspect of literacy by coming to the Into Film Club, indeed many have continued the activities at home, something which very few school lessons can achieve.
Children would lose an opportunity to develop their literacy skills, this is especially disadvantageous to children who may have limited exposure to literacy at home.  The social skills developed at Into Film Club are immeasurable too, shy children really come out of themselves when engaged in Into Film Club activities.
Into Film Club has been the single most successful after-school activity which we run, in terms of attendance, enjoyment and developing critical social skills and literacy, not to mention the advantages offered in terms of cultural understanding the world beyond the classroom.”

T. Young, Carrs Glen Primary School Belfast


“For the past five years I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to share my passion for the silver screen with my pupils through the medium of Into Film Club. It is clear each week that the children clearly love this shared experience of watching films. We now meet for two hours twice a month and one of my main aims is that we watch a wide range of films that pupils would perhaps not normally have access to. In this respect Into Film Club allows me to broaden the access that pupils have to movies and also to develop a greater sense of cultural awareness. One week we could be watching a classic Norman Wisdom comedy and then in the next session it could be a movie version of a Shakespeare play. A diverse range of films keeps the club fresh and exciting for pupils. I believe that this is one of the main reasons that they come back session after session.
Into Film Club, movies have come to life in our school with visits from industry professionals, including an Oscar nominated director who encouraged our pupils to aim high regardless of their background and showed that careers in the film industry were not beyond reach. With a burgeoning film and TV industry in Northern Ireland I believe that Film Club allows us the opportunity to pass on our passion for movies to the next generation of actors, actresses, directors and producers.
Into Film Club has become an essential programme in our school and has provided countless opportunities that our pupils otherwise may not have had. Removal of funding could put this provision out of reach for our pupils and that would be a terrible shame. With pupils engaged in classwork and working to develop film making skills we need to ensure that Into Film club is fully funded to allow us to develop the film industry of the future.”

Shaun Jackson, Bangor Academy

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“I have always been impressed by the enthusiasm and professionalism of Cinemagic. I have taken students to events organised by Cinemagic and had workshops run by them in school, and students always respond so well. An example is the special effects make-up workshop, which really helped Moving Image Arts pupils bring their own short films to life. The skills they, and I, learned from industry professionals were astonishing!
I sincerely feel that without Cinemagic the young people of Northern Ireland would have far fewer opportunities to learn about such an important industry to our economy.”

Frankie Mottram, Campbell College Belfast

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“I look forward to each year’s Cinemagic Festival as there is such a variety of films and workshops to participate in. They are booked up so quickly that taking a second choice can turn out to be a pleasant surprise and also an introduction to an area of film previously bypassed.
There is a breadth of cultural value in the programme which can endorse PDMU development as the films come from all over the world demonstrating the influences of humour, social content as well as the artistic style that varies so much across the globe. The Festival is a joy for Creative and Expressive and ICT Area of Study Leaders with its wealth of animation and digital techniques. I think that the range of film media topics delivered by Cinemagic endorses STEAM initiatives in education and helps to highlight the role of the Creative Industries, which hopefully will continue to provide employment for our creative young people.
The Cinemagic staff is well trained, enthusiastic and efficient and I have full confidence in involving pupils in the Cinemagic events.”

Ashleigh Galway, Currie Primary School and Parent of Cineseeker Participant


“Cinemagic has been a wonderful addition to the after schools programme at Currie Primary.  The children enjoy learning about different genres of films while enjoying a shared experience with their peers.  I have watched the children grow in confidence as the Film Club is accessible to all with everyone joining with the same set of skills!  Many of our children at Currie have limited opportunities to attend extracurricular activities and have benefited from the simple experience of watching a film with an adult and discussing what they have shared, thought and engaging in discussion.  Many of our children experience difficulty expressing themselves and the Film Club have helped them to develop their self-esteem, identity and language.”

Caroline Spratt, Whitehouse Nursery School Newtownabbey


“The children in Whitehouse Nursery really enjoyed the interactive drama session as well as the films presented. A truly memorable experience as many of the children will not have been to the movies before. Memories for them to treasure!”

Rosalind Corbett, Finaghy Primary School Belfast

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“My primary 5 pupils worked with Cinemagic and the Ulster Wildlife Trust staff to plan and produce a film about local wildlife. This experience was an extremely positive one for all the children who were engaged from the beginning of the process right through to the end. They enjoyed all aspects of the project but a particular highlight was being able to use the camera and equipment to record scenes for our film "Nature is Waiting" in Woodvale Park. The children were extremely proud of their film which was shown in the cinema as well as in assembly in school to all the other pupils who thoroughly enjoyed seeing their friends on the big screen! This was a most worthwhile educational experience for all pupils and staff involved and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff from Cinemagic and the Ulster Wildlife Trust who made it possible.”

Sharon Bloomer, Friend’s School Lisburn

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“The pupils loved taking part in the Cinemagic Festival which gave them a practical, inspirational and enjoyable experience. This was an amazing opportunity for them and stimulated discussion on animations from around the world in the classroom.”

Glynnis Calvert, Ballymagee Nursery


“The children at Ballymagee Nursery loved the films shown.  They were suitable for this age and some familiar characters such as Fireman Sam and Elvis had the children laughing out loud!  I would recommend Cinemagic to anyone who has never had them visit their nursery or school.”

Patrick Cassidy, Malone College Belfast

Post Primary

“Into film Club has provided great support for the growth and development of film right across Malone College. The introduction of Into Film Club has seen an increase in numbers in Moving Image Arts from 7 students to 76 across GCSE and A Level. Without the facility pupils would not be able to access a wide range of film text and discuss how they make them feel and more importantly how they are made.
Malone would not be able to provide access to films for pupils. Malone College intake is 55% free school meals and takes pupils from socially deprived backgrounds from across the communities. The club harnesses films that show diversity and equality in our community and helps bring harmony to many pupils. Pupils also cannot afford to attend cinemas and therefore this is a mechanism to show film and foster an interest in the most expanding part of the Northern Ireland economy. I believe without Into Film Club we are not providing a service to pupils to have the best opportunity to success in this industry
Into Film Club has made a massive difference for our students and their connection between emotion and literacy. Students have had the opportunity to express themselves in an environment outside the classroom. Into Film Club has also given students the opportunity to build friendships based on their hobbies and is inclusive of all social and religious backgrounds. Without Into Film Club my students could not access the cinematic environment. It is an essential after school club.”

Rachel Graham, De La Salle College Downpatrick

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“Into Film Club delivered by Cinemagic had been a fantastic resource in De La Salle High School. As a staff, we find that there are opportunities for musical and sporty children, but for the pupils who do not fit into these brackets, the quiet and reserved children, there is a void. As we have a large number of pupils on the autistic spectrum, it is often these children who lack belonging to any extracurricular club. Into FilmClub is a safe haven for these students.
The workshop that Cinemagic IntoFilm has provided in our school have been absolutely fantastic. In 2014 we took park in an iPad workshop with a local primary school. The pupils loved this experience and gained so much from it. This quite simply would not have happened without the support of Into Film. Ongoing workshops are so valuable for the school as extracurricular activities. 
I cannot fault Laura, and everyone else at Into FilmClub. Into FilmClub allows an extra avenue for pupils who otherwise go under the radar in a school environment to fit in somewhere and find a peer group that shares the same interest as them- through the medium of film. Boys who a reluctant to write will always be able to out words on paper about a genre they love. Someone is always at the other end of the phone to support us and our recent genre study trip to Belfast was seamless!”

Martine Spence, St Therese of Liseux Belfast


“Into Film Club managed by Cinemagic has been a great benefit to the children and school. We have been involved in projects linking us with other schools. The children have had the opportunity to visit cinema screenings of new movies. I have noticed a few children who are quite shy seem to have found their confidence at film club. They love the discussions and will offer suggestion on which movie to watch next. Our school has been very fortunate in winning a fantastic prize from Into film club.

Our school would be poorer without Into Film club. We are under great pressure financially and we would find it very difficult to provide an Into Film Club for the children if we had to charge already overstretched parents.

Into Film Club over the past two years has been such a rewarding experience. To quote one of my students "Our club seems more special than the others because we are all in charge" Says it all really.”

Mary McClean, Moyle Primary School, Larne


“Into Film Club has benefitted us as a school, different age groups builds up and empowers a learning hierarchy outside of extended schools into school life, multi-billion industry that is current and reflects all society - accessibility to parents

The impact on our school if funding was no longer available and we were not part of this experience we would lose an creative output that the curriculum doesn't immediately cater to Into Film Club encourages skills that pupils weren't aware are an asset, Engages more boys Into Film Club has a positive impact on talking and listening and reading skills develops communication skills All children feel valued and that their opinions matter no one feels that there is no wrong or right answers - encourages them reasoning their thoughts with growing confidence. This must be one of the best skills to take with you through life - to see other peoples points if view.

Our experience of Into Film Club is "Overwhelming" as children interact into a life beyond a TV screen.  They understand that no matter what your talent or capability is - when working together within different avenues - magical possibilities are endless...

We are a little ordinary school in Larne that has been given a sprinkling of cinemagic dust and we have enjoyed some amazing experiences that will live on in our children's memories and lives for years to come.”

Niall McLean, Castlewellan Primary School

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“The children absolutely love our Into Film Club at the end of a busy week’s work. They bring their own popcorn and drinks, settle on the cushions and enjoy the movies.
If the club was removed it would require extra expense since we would have to rent the videos. The children would be very disappointed (as would parents) if I had to cancel this Club. Cinemagic are very well organised, with special ‘exclusive’ trips for the members! They all think they are VIPs!!”

Chris Murphy, Cedar Lodge Special School Belfast


“Into Film Club has given our pupil with specific educational needs a medium by which they can express themselves, exchange ideas, evaluate their thoughts and opinions, exhibit their work for the first time in a digital format and explore the world of film with a click of a button.
We are a school made up of nearly 85% of the pupils being on the Autistic Spectrum and have found that Into Film Club has given staff a tool by which pupils can engage fully due to the multi-sensory approach (mainly focusing on the visual and auditory) but the films have also been used it to help facilitate workshops/activities/lessons that have explored both physical senses (touch, taste) but linking in art work, animation, etc… to specific film themes.
Into Film Club also is something exciting and ’not the norm’ within the classroom and I have found it a great tool to motivate pupils, to challenge pupil thinking and also promote socialisation in a controlled and secure environment 
This year we have introduced it to our Intensive Intervention Class who are pupils with Social and Emotional Behaviour problems.  Over the course of a few months these pupils enjoy exploring the website, watching films that wouldn’t normally be on their radar and as a result they greatly enjoy it and behaviour has improved.
If the club finished we would lose a tremendous resource not only within an After School Setting but also within the classroom. Into Film Club  has allowed our school to move in a direction towards embracing a ‘TV saturated pupil culture’ and demonstrate the potential benefits to the pupils from exploring film (themes, styles, etc…) to ensure that they get an opportunity to appreciate it on a different level.
It would also leave a hole in the range of clubs we offer.
There is nothing complicated about running an Into Film Club, the resources are sent directly to the school, support is provided at the end of a phone call by Cinemagic. Film and the area of moving arts is a medium by which pupils of all abilities have an equal starting place by which to grow, explore and develop through a club that can be personally levelled to meet their every need.”

Colm Hackett, Hazelwood Integrated College Belfast

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“Cinemagic has been a great experience for our students. No more so than when they hosted a film school earlier this year. The students involved in the film production were enthused and energised by the whole process. They got to see the problems and solutions that went into practical film making, which helped enormously as they were all Moving Image Arts students. Since then they have been engaged with the local film making scene at large, having been given their first taste by Cinemagic.
For the wider student body Cinemagic has been invaluable in exposing them to film texts they would not normally encounter. For a visually literate generation this is the main avenue by which they encounter new ideas, cultures etc.”

Joan, Stepping Stone’s Nursery Belfast


“When Cinemagic called to the Nursery we thought it would be like any of the other organisation we have had out, how wrong we were!!! The children loved the whole experience of the big screen and the friendly couple who came to introduce them to the experience.  To be able to completely mesmerise three year olds for the length of time they did is totally amazing.  Please keep up the good work and hopefully we can make this a yearly occurrence so all our new children can benefit each year.”

Aisling Murphy, St Ciaran’s College Ballygawley

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“I find the variety of events offered by Cinemagic extremely interesting; they cater for all tastes and ages. The ‘Animated Antics’ screening this year was extremely enjoyable and highlighted the various career opportunities out there within the animation industry. The TV News workshop with Paul Reilly was pitched perfectly for the audience and was a really fun insight into the world of TV News which was very beneficial as it is an exam topic this year.”

Helen Gillespe, Belfast High School

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“Cinemagic certainly delivers a wide range of very valuable opportunities for pupils to engage with media products. It’s an important event for our department to offer as it facilitates pupils to participate in a relevant and worthwhile educational event to widen their knowledge of their subject. The quality of the events is high and very informative as well as inspirational offering opportunities for pupils to actively engage in the event. As a school we actively endorse the event and rely on it to offer a wider educational aspect to the pupils’ study of Media.”

Clionagh Cahill, Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School Belfast

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“As a school we found Cinemagic to be a wonderful resource in supporting the educational experience which we can present to our pupils. Pupils are given the opportunity to explore theatre and develop their understanding of characters and role play within the setting of their school hall. Cinemagic is accessible and are very flexible - understanding that schools are ever changing and fluid. The personnel were able to interact with all our pupils from a range of ages and abilities. Pupils were at all times engaged and focussed on the task. The various experiences were enjoyable and well presented.”

Joanne McBrien, St Oliver Plunkett’s Primary School Belfast

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“Cinemagic offers excellent opportunities for children of all ages to become engaged in the film world. Pupils are able to engage in all aspects of the film world, including specially selected films, from production to classification and indeed become 'film makers!
Wonderful fun and educational days for children, not to be missed!”

Emer Hughes, Moneynick Primary School Randalstown

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

Moneynick attended Cinemagic for the first time this year. We did not know what to expect but the children and the staff had a super morning out! The staff at Cinemagic really involved our children and made them feel that their opinions mattered – thank you for a wonderful movie experience.

Sandra Gorman, Bunschoil Mhic Rheactain Belfast

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

The children had a great day.  They really enjoyed the film and workshop.  They now have a much better understanding of how films are rated and why!

Joanne Quinn, Hazelwood College Belfast

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

Where do I start! Here in the Hazelwood Media Studies Department, we'd be lost without you guys and all your fabulous contacts. The workshops you run are fantastic and they are always a great insight in to what goes on behind the scenes in the media. We adore the UTV workshops as they offer students the chance to get a little bit of media training in lots of different areas. This year, when there were no places on the workshop, you guys kindly organised a morning with Paul Reilly. It was one of the best workshops I've been to, simply because Paul was so engaging! He was great with the students. Days like that mean that students are offered the chance to speak directly to people 'in the business'; without Cinemagic, these opportunities wouldn't arise. And, for that, we are eternally grateful to you

Maria McConville, Lagan College Belfast

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

Cinemagic is an excellent festival that we take pupils to every year. It offers an extensive range of workshops and films that support the curriculum and is especially useful for moving image arts students. With the increasing growth of the creative industries here in Northern Ireland, it is invaluable to highlight the career opportunities available in the film and TV industries to our young people.

Elaine Huey, St Malachy’s Secondary School Belfast

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

On Wednesday, 19th November, two entire Year 10 classes headed off from the College to the Queen’s Film Theatre for a wonderful morning of film watching and reviewing. This treat, which allowed us all to become film critics for the day, was available thanks to Declan Gault of 10C and Thomas Purdy of 10E. Declan and Thomas are both members of the Cinemagic Cinefocus Jury Panel and they, along with their entire classes, were offered the opportunity to participate in an “Animated Antics” event as a thank you for their insightful work on this panel.
The event was introduced to us by Sean Boyle, the Project and Fundraising Coordinator, who is also an old boy of St Malachy’s (he left here in 2005). Sean helpfully explored the different film genres for us, and then he explained how we would be scoring each film for its story, characters, camera and sound, animation and special effects and, finally, our overall enjoyment (out of a maximum score of 5 for each aspect). In the company of pupils from Lagan College and St Ciaran’s, we then watched fourteen short films which had been made in France, Russia, Holland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Canada, USA and UK. Sean also chaired the lively discussion which followed our viewing.
Finally, after much debate about the positive and negative aspects of each film, the short American film, “The Dam Keeper”, was declared the overall winner by the majority of pupils. It was the tale of a young pig with an important job to do, whose new (and only) friend changes everything in his life. Our thanks to Sean Boyle, Claire Shaw and all other members of the Cinemagic Team for hosting such an interesting and engaging event; our thanks also to Miss Huey and Mrs McCann for organising our trip, and to Declan Gault and Thomas Purdy for making it possible for us to be there.
I thought it was a great workshop to introduce Film analysis and critical thinking to our younger students. This is a perfect way to help students consider Moving Image Arts as a subject option for GCSE study.

Millie Williams, Bangor Central Nursery


I would just like to say how much our 80 pupils enjoyed your visit to our school.
This is now an annual event for us which we look forward to eagerly.
It is marvellous to see how focused and attentive the children are during the viewing session. The short films broaden their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
The drama and storytelling session afterwards offers the children more learning experiences through the physical, musical and imaginative activities provided. Both sessions provide the children opportunities to develop their listening and attention skills.  It is lovely to hear the children recall at a later time 'the day we watched films on a big screen in our classroom' and go on to talk about this experience.
I hope we can continue to host a Cinemagic Day in our school every year.

Joe Gallagher, St Malachy’s College

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

Over the years our students from St Malachy’s College have benefited greatly from the range of opportunities that Cinemagic has afforded. Over the years students have developed their skills and understanding of the film and broadcast industries through participation in workshops and filmmaking programmes run throughout the year. This year (as they have done over the years) our young filmmakers in the Moving Image Arts classes entered their films in the Cinemagic Young Filmmaker Competition in the autumn festival and two of the group were delighted to come first and second in their age group. The positive impact for our young people of participating in such competitions, having the opportunity to test themselves against young filmmakers throughout the world, in a festival that is hosted locally, cannot be overstated.

Andrew King, Wellington College

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

Cinemagic has provided a range of unique opportunities for our pupils over the last number of years, and I would be deeply saddened if these opportunities were to be lost as a consequence of government budget cuts. Many of our pupils have profoundly benefitted from the excellent cross-community work which Cinemagic does, particularly with our neighbours Aquinas GS. Many other individuals have availed of the higher-level filmmaking opportunities offered by Cinemagic, allowing them to develop and enhance technical and social skills which will undoubtedly make them more employable in their adult lives.

There is no other similar organisation offering such opportunities in Northern Ireland, and I hope that common sense prevails and that Cinemagic's funding is protected for future years.

Martina Martin, St Mary’s Primary School Lisbuoy

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

Cinemagic is one of the most enjoyable and educational workshops/programmes available to children.  It engages and stimulates young people and children in discussions about films and social issues, through practical activities.  A very worthwhile educational tool.

The deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness

“Programmes, like those run by Cinemagic, can inspire and foster the imaginations of our young people.The creative industry is one of the fastest growing industries in our economy and the recent successes of HBO’s production of Game of Thrones here and major Hollywood films like Dracula show our appeal as a filming location. This is good, for our global image as a creative industry hub, for our tourism and also for our economy.I congratulate Cinemagic for the great work they do to entertain, educate, inspire and broaden understanding and awareness of the media industries among children and young people here.”

The First Minister, Peter Robinson

 “The Northern Ireland Executive is committed to investing in our creative industries sector and to building on our growing reputation across the globe as a world class venue for the leading film and TV companies such as HBO and Universal, to locate. The creative industries are leading the way in creating jobs and helping to rebalance and grow Northern Ireland’s economy. I commend the hard work, enthusiasm and creativity of all the young people involved with Cinemagic. Tonight’s event is a great opportunity to showcase the skills and talent of our young people who are being given the confidence to realise their dreams with the help and encouragement from those who are directly involved in the creative industries.”

Christina Collins, Slemish College

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“Great workshop. Well run and with an enthusiastic facilitator”

Karen Waring, Downshire College

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“This is the third year that I have taken my sixth formers to the BBFC workshop which is an exam topic at A2 Media (WJEC). The presentation was interesting, up-to- date and thought-provoking. The choice of film, as always, was relevant to the issues already outlined in the workshop. A very enjoyable and educational day for staff and students!”

Andrew King, Wellington College

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“Cinemagic were extremely helpful and flexible in providing a screening and workshop suitable for the needs and ability of my students.”

Emma Fitzpatrick, Rathmore Grammar School

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“What an enlightening experience working alongside director Michael Lennox.  His knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm have inspired my pupils which is evident in their work already.  Fun, enjoyable and educational!  Thanks Cinemagic!!”

Shaun Jackson, Bangor Academy

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“Many thanks for the Jury’s Out event. It was a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to experience short films in a foreign language that they normally would never get to see. They found the experience really interesting and loved the chance to be critics! The subtitles were not a barrier to their enjoyment and appreciation of these fascinating films. Thank you, Cinemagic. “

Brian McGleenon, St Gemma’s High School, Belfast

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“The Cinemagic Festival gave the GCSE and A-Level pupils at St Gemma's High School Belfast much needed encouragement and inspiration, which has significantly helped their Moving Image Arts coursework. The talks by industry professionals has given the pupils the awareness that careers within the film industry are not beyond their reach.”

Patrick Cassidy, Malone Integrated College

Post PrimaryEducation Programme 12+

“Cinemagic is an invaluable teaching and learning festival. Pupils receive an experience that is not possible in the classroom. The Cinemagic team strive to provide fun, interactive events in which students get a cinema experience.”

Dorinda Thompson, Fleming Fulton School

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“I enjoy taking my pupils to a cinematic experience which can be informative at the same time as being both cultural and contemporary.”

Roger Irvine, Ballyholme Primary School

PrimaryEducation Programme under 12’s

“For the last three years we have taken our three P7 classes to the Film Classification Workshop during the Cinemagic Festival. The pupils have gained great insight into the reasons why and how films are classified. I would thoroughly recommend the Cinemagic Festival to Primary Schools (as long as you don’t take up our places for next year!). It gets pupils to think more critically about the film industry and helps them to realise that this is a profession that is a very real possibility for the creative amongst us all.”

Vicki Mc Mahon, Reel Frontiers Project

Post PrimaryWorkshops

“Reel Frontiers is an invaluable project, which is instrumental in helping create opportunities for young people in the film industry in N.Ireland. The key stage 3 pupils are given a once in a life time opportunity to be involved in all elements of film from directing to script writing. Our pupils always thoroughly enjoy the experience & love the chance to interact with other schools. I only wish that this funding would be stretched to reach other age groups and further help to boost confidence, social skills and skills in film making!”

Geri Conlon, Reel Frontiers Project

Project: Reel Frontiers

Post PrimaryWorkshops

“I would just like to say that the Reel Frontiers Project was superb. The girls that had the opportunity to attend the Residential and extra Film Camp in June thoroughly enjoyed themselves and got so much out of it.They have told me that they have made some friends for life and the whole experience has really increased their self confidence and self esteem. I have noticed such a difference in their behaviour and ability to communicate with each other. I have no doubt Cinemagic and Reel Frontiers have played a part in this.” 

Danielle Quinn, Reel Frontiers Project

Project: Reel Frontiers

Post PrimaryWorkshops

“Reel Frontiers was a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience for all pupils involved.  Not only was it educational and complimented the curriculum but it also helped to address the issue of peace and reconciliation in a youth friendly and interactive manner.  It was a life changing experience for my pupils especially those who attended the film camp.  They thoroughly enjoyed it and it was lovely to watch their self-confidence and belief in themselves flourish over the two years.  Furthermore, many of my pupils have kept in contact with the pupils from our partner school which I feel highlights the positive impact the project has had on the lives of the young people involved. Many of my pupils are keen to pursue a career in the film making industry and thus they gained an invaluable insight to the world of film making from various different angles.Finally, on behalf of myself and my pupils I would like to sincerely thank Cinemagic for inviting Little Flower to participate in such a wonderful project and we would welcome similar opportunities in the future.” 

Brenda Mc Nulty, Reel Frontiers Project

Project: Reel Frontiers

“The first workshops were always quiet, reserved events!  Students retreated to their own school groups at every opportunity.  By the next workshop the noise was giving teachers sore heads - that's how we knew it was a success.  Reel Frontiers provided a fun and dynamic vehicle to mesh uniforms together - 300 students in all.  The film camps were fabulous, the students produced quality work and made lifelong friends.I hope they develop their film and friendship skills throughout their education.” 

Margaret McMullan, parent


“I just wanted to say a big ‘thank you’ to Queen’s Alumni and Cinemagic for the wonderful Frankenweenie event on Saturday. My kids (and I) had a ball and they were totally fascinated by Joel and his talents. The movie was brilliant and they have talked about their afternoon out since!

Sandra Doherty, parent


Thank you for the opportunity for Nicole to be involved in Cinemagic Cineseekers Events. She really enjoyed the experience and I felt it was worthwhile for her.  I was very  impressed with the care and professionalism of all the cinemagic staff we met.Once again, many thanks for this experience and Nicole is  looking forward to seeing the friends she made this weekend again in November.



CCEA Officer for Moving Image Arts

Post Primary

I would like to affirm the value of Cinemagic film screenings and masterclasses to Moving Image Arts candidates across all three levels of the subject – at GCSE, AS and A2. Cinemagic  gives students a unique opportunity to view a range of films on the big screen that are directly relevant to the specifications’ content and learning outcomes including strong illustrative examples of genre-specific, realist and expressionist films. In instances where a speaker is also included in the event, it can be of even more benefit, as time is taken after the screening itself to discuss and analyse film language with the student audience.  This is relevant to the online examination unit. It is a testament to the value of your festival that so many teachers bring their students to screenings each year.

The annual awards which CCEA runs for Moving Image Arts films from the Summer series of exams is facilitated through Cinemagic and provides a unique opportunity for excellent work to be celebrated and profiled to students and teachers across Belfast and the south east.

Grace Fowler, festival participant


“Great to see old classics on the big screen – would love to see more old films!”

Craig Moore, festival participant

Talent Lab MasterclassesWorkshops

I'm 19 years of age, and I've been involved with Cinemagic since I was 17 - having taken part in the Young Consultants programme which itself was a great and insightful programme for young people to get involved with a major film event. Being from Mullingar, it's hard to get myself out there in this industry sometimes at this age, even when I'm in college in Dublin - so when the Cinemagic Masterclasses rolled around I grabbed them and they were hugely important for me. They allowed me to absorb information from industry professionals like Terry Bamber and John Schwartzman, and now that I am spreading my wings into production I already have a fair idea of what my job could possibly entail. So in short, Cinemagic has  provided a solid base of information (and just as importantly, encouragement) for my future as a filmmaker.

Kate Finegan, festival participant

Talent Lab Masterclasses

I started attending Cinemagic workshops in 2009 when I was 18 years old. I always had a keen interest in presenting so I when I found out Cinemagic offered workshops by industry professionals I applied straight away. Over the past few years, I have taken workshops with Aidan Power, Laura Whitmore, Karen Koster and Dermot O'Leary. Within this time I worked as a full-time presenter on RTE jr and thanks to the open workshops provided by Cinemagic, I gained invaluable insights into the world of media. Each workshop was very different as the professionals gave their time generously to each participant and offered wonderful advice for my career. I would highly recommend Cinemagic workshops to everyone, it demystifies the business and encourages everyone to go for gold. The whole Cinemagic team are incredibly approachable and have made my experience so enjoyable. I feel very privileged to be part of the whole Cinemagic experience these past few years, it's given me the confidence to pursue my career further and further.

Chloe Wilson, festival participant

Talent Lab MasterclassesWorkshops

The Cinemagic experience was unbelievable; more amazing than I can actually put into words, and I have encouraged and told people I know to go for it and try to become a part of it, as it has been life changing and has given me the motivation to aim high and to hopefully one day be able to put myself in the professionals shoes and work alongside them.

Cinemagic Patrons

  • Liam Neeson
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Dermot O’Leary
  • Terry George
  • Brian Cox
  • Lisa Henson
  • Suranne Jones
  • Julian Fellowes
  • Christine Bleakley
  • Seamus McGarvey
  • Ciaran McMenamin
  • Colin Farrell
  • Patrick Bergin
  • Ros Hubbard
  • John Hubbard
  • Gary Knell
  • Rachel Kavanagh
  • Aidan Power
  • Mark Huffam
  • Saoirse Ronan
  • Craig Doyle
  • Robbie Sheehan
  • Bruce Reynolds
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  • Bronagh Waugh