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Posted on 17th October 2014 |

Can you remember the first time you rode a bike without stabilisers? Or when you were first ‘let go' in the pool to swim on your own? How about lining up in the queue to get on the roller-coaster, or even the first time you went to school, especially secondary school!!! You were scared, right? Slightly intimidated? But I bet once you overcame the initial butterflies in the tummy you soon got into the swing of things, the unfamiliar soon became familiar and I bet you never looked back!

The hardest thing is taking that initial leap………to try something new! The majority of times you are so glad you 'did it', and you go on to throughly enjoy the outcome(s)!

Without doubt the hardest thing when programming a film festival for children is communicating to young people, mums & dads and teachers the tangible benefits of watching films from other countries - films with subtitles!!! Sometimes the thought of going to the cinema to ‘read’ can be seen as boring, too much like hard work and the opposite of enjoyment! It’s a fair point too! Sometimes you want to just switch off for a couple of hours when you go to the cinema and let the pictures & story do the work! This of course is an extremely important element of ‘going to the movies'. But there is also an ‘extremely' important place in the cinema experience for world cinema; stories from other countries & cultures, where there are magical new landscapes to visit and interesting people to meet!

For 25 years Cinemagic has been encouraging young people to watch these colourful, amazing, funny, sad, surprising and inspirational movies! And without question the best thing about this job is when you see a young kid after they’ve watch a subtitled film & you immediately see that the stabilisers have fallen off, they’re swimming on their own, they’re riding the roller-coaster and having a brilliant time! Who’d of thought!

Cinemagic run a number of World Cinema Programmes for young people; CineSeekers, CineFocus & We Love Subs! For more details email chris@cinemagic.org.uk.


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