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Animated Antics - Primary School Short Film Competition

16th October 2017 | Belfast

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Venue Participating School (We Come To You!)
Tickets £3 per pupil
Times Monday 16th October - Friday 17th November (choose your date and time):

A selection of the very best new world animations for young people to discuss, debate and review. Before the screening the Cinemagic programming team will be sharing reviewing tips.

The Unicorn
Dir: Rémi Durin – France & Belgium – 13mins
One day, out walking, a little king spots an extraordinary creature, white as snow and fast as the wind.

The Common Chameleon
Dir: Tomer Eshed – Germany – 4 mins
The feeding habits of the common chameleon as never seen before.

Au Revoir Balthazar
Dir: Rafael Sommerhalder – Switzerland – 10 mins
A scarecrow, a storm, a broken leg, the resonant sound of a sea shell!

The Fable: Mystery of the Harp
Dir: Solas – Belarus – 6 mins
A story about music, inspiration and love.

Dir: Marlies van der Wel – The Netherlands – 3 mins
Sabaku needs to find a new best friend.

First Snow
Dir: Lenka Ivancikova – Czech Republic – 14 mins
A young hedgehog takes a perilous walk in the woods!

Selfie Cat
Dir: Elsa Divet, Geoffery Assey & Emeline Bernard – France – 3 mins
Victoria tries desperately to take a selfie with her cat in the hopes of winning a contest.

The Lost Letter
Dir: Kealan O'Rourke – Ireland – 8 mins
A boy is determined for his old neighbour to enjoy the Christmas session.

Dir: Laura-Beth Cowley – UK – 4 mins
A man gathering up washed up items on the seashore comes across something surprising.

Sonic Boom
Dir: Natalys Raut-Sieuzac Natalys Raut-Sieuzac– Japan – 12 mins
When novice film director Eggman depicts Sonic in a movie, egos spin out of control.

Dir: Maximilian Auer – Germany – 3 mins
The social life of fish is characterised with a glimmer.

The Sky Between Us
Dir: Anastasia Dyakova – Australia – 4 mins
Three young children invite the viewer to remember the wonder of childhood.

Area of Learning: The Arts, The World Around Us, Language & Literacy

Suitable for 7-11 year olds

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