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November 2015

Cinemagic worked with Strathearn School to identify pupils who would benefit from a 'bringing literacy alive' project.  Author Jan Carson worked with the young people discussing traditional fairytales and folklore, examining gender sterotypes, examining story development and discussed modern re-tellings of traditional fairytales and developing alternative plots and character development. 

Kristen Kernaghan, Teacher, Strathearn School

I was thrilled to see students engaged in every aspect of making a short film. Two days of creative workshops allowed these students the opportunity to analyse what makes a story interesting, develop their own ideas into a script and contribute to the making of their own short film. This was a phenomenally valuable experience! In the classroom the analysis that we undertake is, by necessity, focused on assessment objectives and achieving certain learning intentions. These workshops allowed students the opportunity to experience literature and story development in a way that reminded them that learning about stories is, at the end of the day, about enjoyment.

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The pupils chose Beauty and The Beast as the text to examine in detail, before storyboarding and writing their own interpretation of Beauty and The Beast, set in a modern day secondary school.  The Cinemagic filmmaking team led by Marc Mulholland worked in tandem with Jan on the workshops from a film content and film directing point of view and guided the young people in what makes a good short film, and what components are important in storytelling  The young people learnt many filmmaking skills in areas such as directing, writing, camera angles, sound and production and had the chance to use film equipment for the first time and take ownership of the project all within a deadline so they had an experience of working on a real-life production, valuing communication skills, teamwork and time management.

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