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The Prehistoric Show with History Live + The Land Before Time

24th November 2018 | Belfast

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Venue The Ulster Museum
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Tickets £5
Times Saturday 24th November: 1:00pm

The Prehistoric Show – In the Prehistoric Show pupils will dress up in replica furs as they imagine what life was like thousands of years ago! Food and hunting techniques will then be explored. Spears, harpoons, bows & arrows, fishing tackle, traps & snares have all been replicated for the presentation. The children will be shown how and why they were used so effectively in the process of hunting seal, walrus, whale and hairy mammoth! The children will also be shown how the food was preserved. Finally they will be shown how fire was created with a bow and wooden drill! All the information has been studied from archaeology and modern Inuit survival techniques.

The Land Before Time – An orphaned brontosaurus teams up with other young dinosaurs in order to reunite with their families in a far off valley.

Dir: Don Bluth – USA & Ireland – 1988 – 69 mins – Cert: U – in English

Screening/Workshop exit time 3.15pm approx.

Cinemagic Patrons

  • Liam Neeson
  • Pierce Brosnan
  • Dermot O’Leary
  • Terry George
  • Brian Cox
  • Lisa Henson
  • Suranne Jones
  • Julian Fellowes
  • Christine Bleakley
  • Seamus McGarvey
  • Ciaran McMenamin
  • Colin Farrell
  • Patrick Bergin
  • Ros Hubbard
  • John Hubbard
  • Gary Knell
  • Rachel Kavanagh
  • Aidan Power
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  • Saoirse Ronan
  • Craig Doyle
  • Robbie Sheehan
  • Bruce Reynolds
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  • Bronagh Waugh